What We Do

We help companies progress through the data value extraction process.  This consists of solidifying key reporting, performing data analysis to draw insight from looking back on your data, and ultimately automating complex tasks and predicting future outcomes.

Strong businesses have data as the backbone of their success, but many have no idea how to extract it’s great value. Terabytes of data just sit in the company without producing value. Whether through providing storage, reporting, analysis, prediction, or a mix, we turn your data questions into actionable outcomes and extract real-world business solutions.  



See what is directly impacting your bottomline on a minute by minute basis rather than a weekly or monthly basis.  Make more informed business decisions and see their direct result sooner rather than later.  Build a reporting suite that is not only precise, but also interactive and beautifully clear.

At Break Away the balancing act of maintaining 25 different spreadsheets to keep track of everything was extremely taxing.  At least until we helped them build 90% of their reports automagically.


Data Analysis

Knowing what is causing the ebbs and flows, and how much can be tricky.  Through well thought out data analysis, we provide those insights of which variables have the greatest impact on your business and how that knowledge can be put into action.

Sage Pest Control had always thought that how quickly they were able to service their customer’s homes had an impact on that customers lifetime value.  Through data analysis techniques, we provided a quantifiable change in lifetime value from how quickly the customer was received their service.


Machine Learning

Automating complicated manual processes has been a business struggle for a long time, but with the recent explosion in machine learning research, solving them is within reach.  We specialize in building custom ML solutions to solve those tricky problems that you haven’t quite been able to surmount.

Comparing rates between different hotel websites is easy.  TravelPass Group had set out on comparing every room rate between hotel websites.  It is a challenge they’ve been working on for years including hiring several university professors to try and solve, with no avail.  Building an ML model capable of handling a complex problem like this is a challenge, but not one we’re not well on our way to completely solving!